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WIOMSA Annual Report – 2018

The WIOMSA Annual report for 2018 is out!  As 2018 marked WIOMSA’s 25th Anniversary, the Annual report features an inspiring ” Word from the WIOMSA President”chronicling the key success factors and major achievements of WIOMSA and the new directions for the Association. The report outlines the projects and activities that the Association undertook in 2018 including […]
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WIOMSA Annual Report – 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of the WIOMSA Annual Report for 2017. The report highlights a myriad of projects and activities undertaken in 2017 on several fronts including science to policy initiatives, partnerships, capacity development and research. Activities of special note in 2017 were WIOMSA’s participation in the Ocean Conference, the development of […]
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WIOMSA Annual Report – 2016

We are delighted to announce the release of the WIOMSA Annual Report for 2016. Â The new look Annual report features WIOMSA’s vibrant new logo and showcases the Association’s new corporate brand colours. The 78-page annual report takes an in-depth look back at WIOMSA’s past year and provides an overview of each of the Association’s […]
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WIOMSA Annual Report – 2015

2015 Annual Report is out! WIOMSA prepares its Annual Report each year to highlight its key activities and achievements to our members, partners and stakeholders. The report also profiles selected work from its grantees and WIOMSA’s partners. Hope you will enjoy reading it. For more of these and other activities, please download the report
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WIOMSA Annual Report – 2014

“I couldn’t be more inspired by the breadth of innovative approaches that the Association, in collaboration with our donors and partners, is taking to solve some of the Association’s and indeed the WIO region’s major challenges. Over and again, we have seen that WIOMSA’s best results are produced by creative partnerships with different stakeholders. This […]
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WIOMSA Annual Report – 2013

In many ways, 2013 was a very challenging year for WIOMSA with key constitutional activities such as the election of the members of the WIOMSA Board of Trustees, the Fifth WIOMSA General Assembly and the amendment of the Constitution all taking place in the same year. In addition to these there was also the organization […]
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WIOMSA Annual Report – 2012

2012 was another busy year for WIOMSA as we had our hands full of exciting and challenging activities. WIOMSA on its own or in collaboration with its partners implemented a number of new activities, initiated new partnerships; and more importantly started the implementation of the new five-year Programme. In 2012, WIOMSA successfully completed the implementation […]
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WIOMSA Annual Report – 2011

2011 was another rich and active year for WIOMSA! The Association successfully continued to be the hub of activities in the WIO region. WIOMSA organized two major events in the year: the Regional Conference on “Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation in the WIO region: Solutions to the Crisis” held in Mauritius in March 2011 […]
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WIOMSA Annual Report – 2010

This Annual Report describes in summary the main activities undertaken by WIOMSA in 2010. These include; WIOMSA Supports Eleven Climate Change Projects, MASMA Project Reveals Crucial Linkages between CBOs and Effective Management of Coastal and Marine Resources in Kenya and Tanzania Writing workshops – An effective way to synthesize information from large multidisciplinary research projects. […]
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WIOMSA Annual Report – 2009

2009 was an exhilarating year for WIOMSA as we set our sights on the 6th scientific symposium in La Réunion. The 6th Symposium was both memorable and a massive success! Change was the hallmark for 2009 as we ushered in a new Board of Trustees. WIOMSA has designed and launched a new and innovative project […]
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