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WIOMSA Annual Report – 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of the WIOMSA Annual Report for 2017. The report highlights a myriad of projects and activities undertaken in 2017 on several fronts including […]
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WIOMSA Annual Report – 2013

In many ways, 2013 was a very challenging year for WIOMSA with key constitutional activities such as the election of the members of the WIOMSA Board of Trustees, the Fifth […]
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WIOMSA Annual Report – 2009

2009 was an exhilarating year for WIOMSA as we set our sights on the 6th scientific symposium in La Réunion. The 6th Symposium was both memorable and a massive success! […]
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WIOMSA Annual Report – 2005

The 2005 Annual Report summarises WIOMSA’s research, capacity building and communication and extension activities, and confirms that WIOMSA is in an excellent position to contribute to the development of sustainable […]
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