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Community Empowerment From Ridge to Reef (KCDP)

The documentary tells the story of how Kenya Coastal Development Project ( KCDP) is being implemented in the coastal region of Kenya by seven national agencies in close collaboration with the local communities and the coastal county governments. It shows how the coastal communities are involved in the implementation process, while improving their livelihood and […]
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Sea cucumbers, an unknown resource

Over the last few years, the demand for sea cucumbers from Asian countries has literally exploded, obliging the manufacturers to produce more and more. In many producing countries, the number of sea cucumbers has diminished noticeably. Madagascar is not an exception to that rule. Helped by International organisms, the IHSM researchers have found a way […]
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Climate change – The Kenyan coast

The Kenyan Coast is feeling the real effects of climate change and it’s unbelievably a direct threat to livelihoods. Communities are now facing the real danger on the effects of climate change.
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