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Science and policy

WIOMSA strives to advance marine research in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) and foster collaboration at the national and international levels. The research supported through the Marine Science for Management (MASMA) grant programme aims to inform policy development and promote sustainable development. We also ensure expertise available from the MASMA-funded programmes are effectively utilised.
We work with experts within the wider WIO marine research community for specific projects and a wider network of academic and professional contacts. This allows us to support and undertake a wide range of projects that support conservation and sustainable development.

Competitive grants are central to the Marine and Coastal Science for Management (MASMA) Programme. The MASMA program has successfully established a thriving marine research community in the WIO region. This has been accomplished by encouraging scientists from all fields of marine science to collaborate in transdisciplinary research that highlights the region’s and the marine research community’s priorities.

The MASMA grants also provide funding for the organization of training workshops and courses aimed at improving marine and coastal management and research.

The Marine Research Grants (MARGs) program helps budding researchers build capacity and provides travel assistance to scientific meetings and symposiums.

WIOMSA uses the Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science (WIOJMS) as an avenue to disseminate high-quality research generated in the Western Indian Ocean region, in particular on the sustainable use of coastal and marine resources.


We engage with our members to provide a clear, independent voice on behalf of the marine science community to WIO region and international decision-makers. We achieve this by convening and engaging with key national, regional, and global committees and organizations, leveraging our members’ wealth of experience and knowledge to inform a wide range of issues and contribute to policy and evidence reports.

We support policymakers and other key stakeholders by disseminating scientific knowledge in a format that non-specialists can comprehend through the publication of the WIO Science-Policy series.

The Symposium is the premier regional scientific event on the coastal and marine environment.

It showcases insightful and inspiring presentations on the latest research results and key developments in the Western Indian Ocean region.

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