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Marine Litter in the Eastern Africa Region: An Overview Assessment

Marine litter is becoming a significant contributor to marine pollution in the Western Indian Ocean. The litter comes in myriad forms, and from a diversity of sources. It includes waste from legal and illegal dumpsites located on the coast or on river banks; rivers and floodwaters; industrial outfalls; discharge from storm water drains; untreated municipal […]
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Course report – First International training course for the Western Indian Ocean Training Course on Mangrove Ecosystems. 2nd – 9th December, 2013

This International Training Course on Mangrove Ecosystems in the Western Indian Ocean premiered in the region after several successful past trainings held annually in India since 2004, organized by the United Nations University, UNESCO and Annamalai University. The course was held over nine days at the University of Nairobi’s Moana Field Research Station in Diani, […]
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Course Manual – The First International Training Course on Mangrove Ecosystems in the Western Indian Ocean Region

Mangroves are extraordinary ecosystems, located at the interface of land and sea, that offer a considerable array of ecosystem goods and services. They are vital for food security and protection of coastal communities; they provide a wide diversity of forest products, nurseries for aquatic species, fishing grounds, carbon sequestration, and crucial natural coastal defences that […]
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