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WIOMSA Newsbrief – June 2017 Special Election issue

2017 is an election year for WIOMSA’s Board of Trustees and the time for members of WIOMSA to exercise their democratic right and vote for their Board members has come. Only members in good standing, that is paid members and students (who have confirmed their studentship with the WIOMSA Secretariat) will receive ballot papers and […]
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WIOMSA Newsbrief – March 2013 – Volume 18, No1

We are pleased to present the March, 2013 WIOMSA Newsbrief. 2013 is an election year for the new Board of Trustees. We are pleased to announce that nominations are now being accepted for elections of the WIOMSA Board of Trustees. As was the case in the last election, only members in good standing, that is […]
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