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Guidelines on Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration for the Western Indian Ocean Region

The purpose of preparing this Guidelines on Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration for the WIO Region is to provide the information that will help ensure successful mangrove restoration projects within the WIO region. The aims are to provide step-by-step procedures to restore mangrove on areas impacted by both human and natural stressors. The objectives are to: i […]
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Mangroves of the Western Indian Ocean: Status and Management

The WIO mangroves cover about 1 million ha, which is just about 5% of the global mangrove coverage. Almost 90% of these mangroves are found in four countries, namely Mozambique, Madagascar, Tanzania and Kenya; with the most expansive mangrove forests in these countries occurring in deltas and estuaries. This book is an outlook of the […]
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WIOMSA Newsbrief – June 2016 – Volume 21, No.2

The June Issue of the WIOMSA Newsbrief is out, with interesting articles written by different authors. This Issue contains articles on a publication on SWIOFP results, development of mariculture in the region; sharing experiences of co-management of small-scale fisheries and description of the recently approved MASMA projects. Also included are summaries of workshops/meetings/courses organized between […]
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