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A Guide to Commonly Occurring Larval Stages of Fishes in Kenyan Coastal Waters

The early life stages of most fish represent developmental intervals that are ecologically distinct from each other and especially from their later juvenile and adult stages. Knowledge of the changing ecological requirements and limitations, population dynamics, and behavior of the early stages of fish facilitates effective monitoring and management of fish populations and their habitat(s). […]
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Investigation of the Importance of Reef Fish Spawning Aggregations for the Sustainable Management of Artisanal Fisheries Resources in the Seychelles. WIOMSA Book Series No 6

Many reef fishes aggregate at specific times and locations for the purpose of spawning. Spawning aggregations are vulnerable to overfishing, notably transient-type aggregations common to many groupers (Serranidae) and rabbitfishes (Siganidae). A 3-year multidisciplinary programme was implemented in Seychelles and aimed to determine the importance of spawning aggregations for artisanal fisheries management. Semi-structured interviews revealed […]
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WIOMSA Newsbrief – December 2005 – Volume 10, No 4

We are pleased to present the December, 2005 WIOMSA Newsbrief which covers an interesting array of articles: Understanding socio-economic changes in coastal communities, Congratulations Dr.Muthiga, Double impact-river waste destroys the ocean, fish farming in mangroves and many more articles
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