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Adapting to a Changing Environment; Confronting the Consequences of Climate Change (ON SALE AT OUP)

Societies must choose how they wish to deal with climate change. Not doing anything or pursuing ‘business as usual’ is likely to lead down a path that will have devastating […]
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The Effects of Coral Bleaching on Coral Reef Fish, Fisheries, and Ecosystem Services in the Western Indian Ocean

The project evaluated the effects of coral bleaching and mortality on the coral reef communities, fish, and fisheries in the western Indian Ocean through a combination of field studies before […]
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WIOMSA Newsbrief – December 2006 – Volume 13, No 1

We are pleased to present the December, 2006 WIOMSA Newsbrief which covers an interesting array of articles: Exporting Kenya’s Coral Reef Fish for use in Marine Aquariums worldwide, WIO Seagrass studies […]
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