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Mkuranga Governance Baseline

Mkuranga district is one of the six districts that form the Pwani Region. It was established in 1995, when the eastern part and coastal area of the Kisarawe district was cut off to form the district of Mkuranga. It is a relatively small district, covering 2,432 square kilometers, which is about a quarter of the […]
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WIOMSA Magazine – Issue No.4: June 2010

This is a Fourth issue of the WIOMSA Magazine. The Issue contains very interesting articles covering different interesting topics such as; Buying time for corals; Coral reef crisis; Marine Protected Areas and climate change; and many more articles
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Adapting to a Changing Environment; Confronting the Consequences of Climate Change (ON SALE AT OUP)

Societies must choose how they wish to deal with climate change. Not doing anything or pursuing ‘business as usual’ is likely to lead down a path that will have devastating consequences for many people, especially the world’s poor. Using a focal lens of coral reef fisheries, upon which millions of people depend on for their […]
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Preparing for climate change in the western Indian Ocean – Identifying climate refugia, biodiversity responses, and preferred management. WIOMSA Book Series No 12

The research presented in this report develops a synoptic view of the biodiversity and resilience of coral reefs to climate change in the western Indian Ocean. Studying reefs over a gradient of environmental variability, we tested for differences in the acclimatization and adaptation response of corals to climatic fluctuations and changes expected with global warming. […]
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WIOMSA Newsbrief – September 2006 – Volume 11, No 3

We are pleased to present the September, 2006 WIOMSA Newsbrief which covers an interesting array of articles: Regional workshop on coral diseases regional workshop on coral diseases, Midwater fish in the Mozambique Channel listed and identified, Coral reef conservation Coral reef conservation and pro-poor tourism, Inauguration of NaGISA activities Inauguration of NaGISA activities Inauguration of NaGISA […]
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Managing Marine Protected Areas – A TOOLKIT for the Western Indian Ocean

The Toolkit aims to act as a first point of call in the search for information on issues that MPA managers and practitioners face in day-to-day operations. This first Edition of the Toolkit contains 78 theme sheets, most of which include a case study to help illustrate each topic. The Toolkit is arranged in two […]
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