Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association

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WIOMSA is governed by an elected Board of Trustees and by its General Assembly of members.

The Board is the executive organ of WIOMSA and comprises six elected members and two co-opted members. Board Members bring a wealth of relevant experience as well as regional and international perspectives to the governance of WIOMSA. Since the inception of WIOMSA in 1993, eight board of Trustees have been elected to lead the association.

Current Board

Previous Boards

WIOMSA Country Coordinators play a pivotal linkage role between WIOMSA and its membership. Country Coordinators are elected and are the face of WIOMSA within the 10 countries of the WIO.

The Secretariat is responsible for the day to-day operations of WIOMSA and is led by the Executive Director.


  • Mizingani Street, House No. 734, Zanzibar
  • + 255 24 2233472/2234597
  • secretary@wiomsa.org