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WIOMSA aims to fill the knowledge gap and to assist coastal and marine practitioners in the region in realizing their full potential through a broad range of novel, adaptable and need-based training courses and workshops
WIOMSA training courses

The Blue Leadership Journey is a cutting-edge leadership training that supports marine environmental change agents to strengthen their efforts for a healthy ocean and people. The Blue Leadership Journey supports participants to develop individual and collective leadership skills; to implement change effectively; to make a fundamental difference for sustainable marine and coastal ecosystem management; to jointly find solutions for issues and problems; and to be a multiplier for Blue Leadership within their spheres of influence.

This Rhodes University Accredited course provides MPA professionals with a wide understanding of the tools and techniques available to address MPA management and to improve their technical and management skills.

This training is designed to provide marine conservation practitioners with a wide range of strategies and opportunities to improve the value and effectiveness of their organisations’ marine conservation operations. It enables participants explore how compliance and enforcement tasks can be carried out most effectively and efficiently in order to achieve positive management outcomes while maintaining community and stakeholder trust

This module based training is offered periodically by WIOMSA and McQuarie University to assist scientists and government officials from the WIO region to develop interdisciplinary action research projects that can pivot towards policy impact; to engage with stakeholders and undertake collaborative design to form, undertaken and report research; and to measure the impact of research against key indicators that have occurred since the implementation; attributing changes to policy.

Training history portal

This training portal covers the full range of training courses delivered by WIOMSA and partners over the years. Search for the training by title and year offered.

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