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WIOMSA ScienceNews: Mijibora Video Release

WIOMSA ScienceNews provides updates on current WIOMSA-funded research projects. Grantees share their field experiences as well as their research results. In this week’s update, we present a  video from the […]
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The Seychelles Magpie Robin becomes the world’s first ‘digital species’ and it’s for sale!

Nature Seychelles, supported by its international partners the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Porini Foundation, have launched the world’s first Digital Species – the Seychelles Magpie […]
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The Western Indian Ocean region has declared 550,000 square kilometers as protected, a 63% jump since 2015!

The Western Indian Ocean region has declared 143* marine and coastal areas as protected – an area covering 553,163 square kilometers, representing 7 percent of the total Exclusive Economic Zone […]
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WIO MPA Outlook Report: South Africa and Marine Protected Areas

Only one day to go to the launch of the WIO MPA  Outlook by Nairobi Convention and WIOMSA! Today, we  highlight South Africa and its MPAs. The country has made […]
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MPA Outlook Report: Marine Protected Areas in Mozambique

The 7 MPAs in Mozambique offer valuable ecosystem services such as building resilience  to climate change and extreme weather events, allowing the country to maintain its important fish stocks,  protecting […]
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WIO MPA Outlook Report: MPAs and the Republic of Mauritius

Mauritius has 18 MPAs and 2 Voluntary Marine Conservation Areas. The objectives of these protected areas range from protection and conservation of marine life to  the enjoyment of the sea […]
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The MPA Outlook Report: Madagascar and Marine Protected Areas

Madagascar has pledged to triple the surface of its MPAs by 2025. It is well on its way to delivering on this pledge with 22 MPAs protecting 14,451 square kilometers […]
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