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Call for applications: Training on Building Capacities of Local Practitioners on the Assessment of Ecosystem Dynamics in the Emerging Coastal Towns in the WIO Region

Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI), in collaboration with South Eastern Kenya University, Machakos University, Kenyatta University, The University of Nairobi, Centre for Marine and Environmental Research of the […]
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Call for applications: Training course on strengthening the regional capacity for marine litter monitoring in the Western Indian Ocean

The Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) in cooperation with WIOMSA, wishes to invite qualified participants to apply for a marine litter monitoring training course. The training will be […]
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WIOMSA ScienceNews: Measuring coastal city resilience to inform action

In this week’s edition of WIOMSA ScienceNews, we focus on the Climate and Ocean Risk Vulnerability Index (CORVI) project and the Cities and Coasts collaboration to measure coastal city resilience […]
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Reasons For Hope: Issue 13 of the WIOMSA Magazine is out!

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest WIOMSA Magazine!  Issue 13 of the WIOMSA Magazine: People and the Environment , focusing on “WIO Marine Conservation: people, progress, prospects” , has been […]
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WIO Symphony: Invitation to MSP Workshop

The Nairobi Convention, in collaboration with Swedish partners, is building the WIO Symphony; a common model tool for assessing cumulative impact (to marine ecosystems) in the WIO region. After a […]
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Genomic tools to address questions in fisheries management

In this week’s edition of WIOMSA ScienceNews, we focus on the “Enabling sustainable exploitation of the coastal tuna species Kawakawa and skipjack in the western Indian ocean” project which is […]
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Global and local threats to mangroves in the Western Indian Ocean region identified in a new publication

A new study published in the Wiley Journal of Global Ecology and Biogeography has determined that both human pressures, when coupled with erosion, drought, and sea-level changes (i.e. certain effects of climate change), are […]
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WIO-BENTH: Mapping project makes steady progress

The effort to identify numerous communities of plants and animals that occupy the sea floor of the WIO region remains minimal. Nonetheless, there is growing interest amongst researchers in Western […]
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