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WIOMSA Video for One Ocean Science launched!

WIOMSA Video for One Ocean Science launched!

The WIOMSA video for the One Ocean Science virtual tour has been launched! Dr. Jacqueline Uku, the President of WIOMSA, represents the voice of scientists from the Western Indian Ocean region  as she highlights the importance of  ocean science in improving climate risk management in the face of climate change.

The video was one of 37 videos posted on  the immersive platform oneoceanscience.com and its production provided the opportunity for WIOMSA to share its actions for climate change on a global platform; ahead of COP 26 in Glasgow. Some of these include contribution to climate science knowledge and data through support for projects dealing with climate change adaptation and planning; supporting countries to implement the Paris Agreement through development of risk and vulnerability indices;  production of guidelines for valuation of coastal and marine ecosystems and climate change adaption plans; and the ongoing development of a climate portal for information exchange.

WIOMSA is honoured to have been featured in the  One Ocean Science campaign; a digital world tour of ocean and climate sciences, with scientists from the entire world coming together, to explain why ocean sciences are essential for better understanding and protecting the ocean. One Ocean Science will also kick off COP26’s day on oceans—Ocean Action Day—on November 5 in Glasgow!

Watch the video.

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