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How to use the Toolkit


The Toolkit consists of a ring-binder containing double-sided ‘theme sheets’, a series of introductory pages, and a CDROM. The binding is loose leaf so that the theme sheets can be copied, faxed, individually laminated, and used separately for specific purposes. It is strongly recommended that if sheets are removed from the Toolkit, they should be copied first and the original replaced immediately. The Toolkit is intended to be a dynamic document and it is planned that individual theme sheets will be up-dated over time; the old versions can thus be replaced by the new ones. Additional theme sheets and other materials can also be added. Editions of the Toolkit and CD-ROM are also being prepared in Portuguese and French.

The Toolkit has three parts:

Introductory section - This comprises seven main parts, including two maps of the WIO showing the location of all MPAs in the region and a table with details of dates of their establishment and size. Addresses and contact details for each MPA, an annotated list of global and regional conventions and initiatives relevant to MPAs (referred to frequently in individual theme sheets), guidelines for Internet searches and details for obtaining some of the more frequently cited sources of further information are also provided. The final sheet of the introductory section provides a description of the process of producing the Toolkit with a detailed acknowledgement of all the individuals and institutions that collaborated and assisted in so many ways.

Part 1 The Management Process - Seven sections contain theme sheets on management topics or inputs (human, financial, organizational and technical) required to effectively manage an MPA and ensure that it meets its objectives.

A. Legislative and institutional framework

B. Participatory processes

C. Planning and reporting

D. Human resources

E. Finances

F. Equipment and infrastructure

G. Monitoring, evaluation and research

Part 2 Conservation and Sustainable Use - Four sections provide theme sheets on topics related to the results or outputs of MPA management.

H. Habitats and species

I. Fisheries

J. Tourism, recreation and education

K. Coastal development and shipping

Theme sheets

Each sheet covers a theme relevant to MPA management in the WIO region. The text aims to provide:

  • An introduction to the subject and a description of the key issues relevant to MPA management;
  • Some ideas and guidance on what the MPA might specifically do in relation to the topic;
  • References to publications and Internet websites;
  • Where relevant, a short case study from an MPA within the WIO region, which illustrates a particular point in the theme sheet and discusses experience and lessons learnt.

A survey carried out before the Toolkit was developed indicated that the main need of MPA personnel in the region is assistance in obtaining information on different subjects. The theme sheets therefore focus on providing details on how to obtain the information needed. This is largely in two formats: printed documentation, with key references listed; and electronically, from the Internet, with key websites provided. Guidance on how to maximise use of the Internet is provided within this introductory section.

Some theme sheets cover very specific technical subjects whilst others simply provide an introduction to more complex issues. Given that all theme sheets have a single 2- sided page format, this means that some subjects are covered in more depth than others. As the Toolkit evolves and expands, it is intended that the gaps should be filled and other topics added. Each theme sheet stands alone, but contains cross-references to other relevant sheets.

The theme sheets were compiled and reviewed by numerous regional and international experts. They nevertheless
represent only general guidance to the theme in question and should not be taken as the definitive management guide. Use should always be made of the additional sources of information that are provided.


The CD-ROM contains a full electronic version of the Toolkit. Theme sheets are in Portable Document Format (pdf) format to allow easy viewing, navigation and printing. The CD-ROM is identical to the web site, and it therefore offers most of the features of the site.

General information and operating instructions for the CD-ROM, including instructions for installing software, using the associated software, and accessing the theme sheets will be included in the CD-ROM. Ultimately, three language options (English, Portuguese and French) will be available.


The website ( ) has been created to complement the printed Toolkit and the CD-ROM. All the theme sheets can be viewed or downloaded as pdf files. At a future date, information in the website will be in three languages namely, English, Portuguese and French. New material and updates will be posted to the web site on a continuing basis.