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A number of organisations and individuals have contributed to the toolkit:


Background to the production

The MPA Toolkit was commissioned by IUCN-EARO in August 2003, through two contracts, with Samaki Consultants and the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA). Samaki Consultants was responsible for the design, research and editing of the theme sheets. WIOMSA, represented by Julius Francis, was responsible for overseeing website design, CD preparation, Toolkit promotion and translation.

Production of each theme sheet included research leading to the preparation of the first drafts that were then expanded and edited to incorporate comments from various reviewers. Under Samaki Consultants, Sue Wells led the preparation of the majority of the original draft theme sheets and was responsible for the coordination of both the extensive review process and all editing. Matt Richmond and Peter Llewellyn (both of Samaki Consultants) prepared most of the remaining theme sheet first drafts. Heidi Savelli Söderberg (assistant to WIOMSA) conducted research on websites.

Advice on format and content of the toolkit was provided by an Editorial team comprising Julie Church (IUCN), Julius Francis (WIOMSA), Domingos Gove (CDS-ZC, MICOA), Nyawira Muthiga (WCS), Magnus Ngoile (NEMC), Amani Ngusaru (WWF), Remi Ratsimbazafy (WWF), Melita Samoilys (IUCN), Dixon Waruinge (UNEP), Sue Wells and Matt Richmond (Samaki Consultants), Helena Motta (WWF), Nirmal Shah (Nature Seychelles). The IUCN Technical Reviewers were Melita Samoilys, Julie Church, Dalmas Oyugi and Geoffrey Howard. The Toolkit concept was developed through prior contracts undertaken by Charlotte de Fontaubert, Joseph Tunje and Matt Richmond.


The coordination of artwork and design was undertaken by Matt Richmond who expresses a special thanks to Sarah Markes for her continued availability to format and design theme sheets. Adam Lutta is thanked for his dedication and excellent cartoons. The SEA Trust is thanked for allowing the use of the marine biodiversity pie-chart (sheet H5) and FAD illustration (sheet I4), and Jared Crawford is acknowledged for the idea behind the cartoon used on the MPA goals and objectives (sheet A2). The photos used in this Toolkit were provided freely by numerous individuals, with names indicated by each picture. All photographers are thanked for allowing their use and Robert F. Myers is especially thanked for his image of the Humphead wrasse on sheet H1. Base maps for the two MPA maps were provided by the Conservation Science Program, WWF-US, on which text and graphics were added.


Many scientists, MPA practitioners and other experts gave freely of their time to provide valuable reviews of the theme sheet drafts resulting in the material included in the Toolkit. The Editorial team wholeheartedly thank all these individuals for their contributions. Colin Attwood (Dept Environmental Affairs and Tourism, South Africa) and Jude Bijoux (Seychelles Centre for Marine Research and Technology – Marine Parks Authority) are thanked for providing general information on South African and Seychelles MPAs respectively. UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge, kindly provided use of its information and facilities.

The list that follows provides the names of individual contributors (contr.), being those who provided information and/or draft text, and of reviewers of the drafts (rev.) who provided comments on Toolkit theme sheets. For sheet titles see Contents or individual sheet.

Flora Akwilapo National Environment Management Council, Tanzania - rev. G4.

Jim Anderson Samaki Consultants Ltd., Tanzania - contrib. G2, G7, G8, I2, I4; rev: B4, C4, D4, F5, F7-F9, G6, H1, I1.

Yann von Arnim Mauritius Marine Conservation Society, Mauritius - rev. H8, J8.

Mabel Augustowski IUCN/WCPA Marine, Brazil - contrib. J6.

Adnan Awad GloBallast, South Africa - contrib. K5.

Neil Baker Tanzania Bird Atlas, Tanzania - rev. H3.

Todd Barber Reef Balls, USA - rev. H6, J8.

Tom Bayer Tanzania Coastal Management Partnership, Tanzania - rev. A5.

Katy Beaver Seychelles - contrib. F5 (case study), J5 (case study), G9 (case study); rev. A6, J4.

Stefano Belfiore NOAA International Programme Office, USA - rev. A5.

Lindsay ChongSeng Seychelles Island Foundation, Seychelles - contrib. F5 (case study).

Julie Church IUCN, Kenya - contrib. B3, D3 (case study), H2, H10 (case study), K4; rev. G2, G6, I1, I9, J4.

Chantal Conand Univ. Réunion, La Réunion - contrib. I6; rev. H7.

Pascale Cuet Univ. Réunion, La Réunion - contrib. K2 (case study).

Carol Daniels CHICOP Ltd., Zanzibar, Tanzania - contrib. F1 (case study), H8, J6 (case study).

Polly Dolan South Africa - contrib. B4.

Vincent Dufour France - rev. I8.

Rudy van der Elst Oceanographic Research Institute, South Africa - contrib. I5, I7.

Charlotte de Fontaubert USA - rev. A4.

Sarah Fowler IUCN/SSC Shark Specialist Group, UK - rev. I5.

Helen Fox WWF-US, USA - rev. H5.

Catherine Gabrie WWF, France - contrib. C3 (case study); rev. G2, I8.

Domingos Gove Centro de Desenvolvimento Sustentavel para as Zonas Costeiras, MICOA, Mozambique - contrib. G11; rev. C2.

Ed Green UNEP-WCMC, UK - rev. H11.

Pippa Gravestock UK - contrib. E1-E6.

Martin Guard Tanzania - contrib. I6.

Almeida Guissamulo Univ. Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo, Mozambique - contrib. H4 (case study).

Elizabeth Halpenny Canada - contrib. J6.

Jean Harris Ezemvelo KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife, South Africa - contrib. K3.

Henry Henley Ker and Downey, Kenya - rev. I7.

Craig Hilton-Taylor UNEP-WCMC, UK - contrib. H1.

Marc Hockings Univ. Queensland, Australia - rev. G9.

Rose Hogan Ireland - contrib. B1, B3.

Tom Hooper Shoals of Capricorn, Rodrigues, Mauritius - contrib. J4; rev. J3.

Geoffrey Howard IUCN, Kenya - rev. K5.

Kim Howell Univ. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - rev. H2.

Tony Hughes Marine Logistics Ltd., Tanzania - rev. K3.

Sarah Humphrey WWF International, Switzerland - contrib. D1, F7 (case study); rev. A1-A6, C2, C4, E2, E3, E5, G4, G9, H3-H5, J1, K5.

Janet Kaleha Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya - rev. J8.

Abdulrahman Issa IUCN, Tanzania - rev. A6.

Laura Jenkins Univ. Cambridge, UK - rev. A4.

Rachel Kavanagh IUCN/SSC Shark Specialist Group, UK - contrib. I5.

Anthony King IUCN, MBREMP, Tanzania - contrib. B1 (case study); rev. I1.

Arielle Levine Univ. Berkeley Santa Barbara, USA - contrib. G11, I2.

Sara Lourie McGill University, Canada - rev. H5.

J.P. Luchmun Albion Fisheries Research Centre, Mauritius - contrib. H8 (case study), H9 (case study).

James Mackinnon WCS, Madagascar - rev. E1.

Patrick Maguire The Nature Conservancy, USA - contrib. E5; rev. E1, E3, E4.

Delphine Malleret-King Tanzania - contrib. B1, G6 (case study).

Judy Mann Lang Oceanographic Research Institute, South Africa - rev. J4.

Anas Masoud WWF (Menai Bay project), Tanzania - rev. F7.

Thabit Masoud Care International, Tanzania - rev. B4.

Tim McClanahan Wildlife Conservation Society, Kenya - contrib. C1, G3 (case study), H6, H11 (case study), I2; rev. A3, B2-B4, C5, D3, D4, E6, F9, G6-G8, G11, H7, I1, I8, I9.

Imène Meliane IUCN, Ecuador - rev. K5.

Jean Mortimer IUCN/SSC Marine Turtle Specialist Group, USA - contrib. H2.

Helena Motta WWF, Mozambique - rev. C2.

Catharine Muir Tanzania Turtle & Dugong Conservation Programme, Tanzania - contrib. H2 (case study); rev. H4.

Nyawira Muthiga Wildlife Conservation Society, Kenya - contrib. G3 (case study); rev. I1, K1, K4.

Magnus Ngoile National Environment Management Council, Tanzania - rev. G4.

Simmons Nzuki KESCOM, Kenya - rev. H2.

David Obura CORDIO East Africa, Kenya - contrib. G3, G5, G6, I2, K1 (case study); rev. B4, G8, H6, H7, H8, I1.

Mine Pabari IUCN, Kenya - contrib. C4, C5, G10 (case study).

Rolph Payet Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Seychelles - contrib. A6 (case study).

Esther Peters Tetra Tech Inc., USA - contrib. H11 (case study).

Bridget Mcgraw , Kenya - rev. Using the Internet.

Adrian Philips IUCN/WCPA, UK - rev. A1.

Jean Pascal Quod ARVAM, La Réunion - rev. G3, H7.

Jone Porter Oceanographic Research Institute, South Africa - rev. J5.

Steve Raaymakers International Maritime Organisation, UK - rev. K5.

Nosy Ramamonjisoa WWF and West Indian Ocean Programme Office, Madagascar - contrib. E1 (case study); E4 (case study).

Remi Ratzimbazafy WWF, Madagascar - contrib. A3, A4, B2 (case study); rev. E1.

Haja Razafindrainibe Service d'Appui à la Gestion de l'Environnement, Madagascar - rev. A4.

Sibylle Riedmiller CHICOP Ltd, Zanzibar, Tanzania - rev. A3.

Mike Risk Canada - rev. K2.

Rebekka van Roemburg Yemen - rev. B3.

David Rowat MCSS Seychelles - contrib. F9 (case study).

Jason Rubens WWF, Tanzania - contrib. E3, G9, I1, I2 (case study).

Tori Rumbold Kenya - rev. B3.

Roger Safford Birdlife International, UK - rev. H3.

Melita Samoilys IUCN-EARO, Kenya - contrib. G7, G8, H8; rev. A1, C3, H1, H5, I8.

John Sebastion PlusComs Ltd., Tanzania - rev. F7.

Nirmal Shah Nature Seychelles, Seychelles - contrib. A3, D4 (case study), F2 (case study), F9, H3, J1 (case study).

Vincent Shauri LEAT, Tanzania - rev. A4.

Fred Short Univ. New Hampshire, USA - rev. G4.

Paul Siegel WWF, Senegal - rev. A3, A6, B2, C5, D3, D4, E2, E4, H1, H2, H8, H11, I3-I6, K1, K5.

Scott Smith The Nature Conservancy, USA - contrib. E5; rev. E1-E4, E6.

Sylvia Spalding Marine Aquarium Council, USA - rev. I8.

James Spurgeon Jacobs Consultants, UK - contrib. E6.

Sue Stolton Equilibrium Consultants, UK - rev. G9.

Jerker Tamelander CORDIO/IUCN South Asia, Sri Lanka - contrib. C1, C5, F8, G8, H6, H7, H10, J8; rev. A1, G3.

Ali Thani Misali Island Conservation Association, Tanzania - rev. B4.

Steve Trott Watamu Turtle Watch, Kenya - contrib. K4.

Michel Vely Megaptera, Djibouti - rev. H4.

Eric Verheij IUCN, TCZCDP, Tanzania - contrib. F8; rev. F5, F9.

Rombout Verwimp Tanzania - contrib. C1.

Colette Wabnitz Univ. British Columbia, Canada - rev. I8.

Els van Walsum Tanzania - contrib. C1.

Innocent Wanyonyi CORDIO East Africa, Kenya - rev. G6.

Dixon Waruinge UNEP, Kenya - rev. E2, E3, E6.

Iain Watt IOMEC, Mauritius - contrib. K3.

Birgit Weets WWF, Germany - rev. J1.

Paxton Wellington Canada - rev. F7.

Jordan West Environmental Protection Agency, USA - rev. H7.

Elizabeth Wood Marine Conservation Society, UK - rev. I8, I9.

Richard Zanre Watamu Turtle Watch, Kenya - rev. H2.