Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association


October 22, 2017
The Nature Conservancy (TNC) seeks applications from suitably qualified and experienced individuals for the position of the TNC Africa Oceans Strategy Director. The Africa Oceans Strategy Director will assists in the design, development and implementation of oceans and coastal strategies across TNC Africa Region. The strategic focus will be bottom up and top down and designed to...
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The SA Agulhas II has embarked on the first leg of the WIO regional cruise. Below is a photo of the scientists and students taken on the main deck. Additional reporting available at the following links: 1. http://www.news24.com/Video/SouthAfrica/News/watch-uncovering-the-mysteries-of-the-indian-ocean-aboard-the-sa-agulhas-ii-20171019 2. https://youtu.be/zNVDITGmSPA 3. A picture from DEA Communications of the participants onboard. 4. http://ewn.co.za/2017/10/18/watch-ewn-boards-the-sa-agulhas-ii-ahead-of-it-s-voyage-to-tanzania
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