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Spatial Planning of Climate SMART and Resilient Port Cities in the WIO Region: A case for Mombasa and Durban

A. Basic Facts
   i. Project Partners
   ii. Project Duration 2021-2022
   iii. Project Site(s)
   iv. Project Country Comoros, Kenya, and South Africa
   v. Budget US $ 289,100
B. Project Objectives

1. Evaluate the impacts of port development and operations on urban socio-ecology, socio- economy and socio-spatial arrangements.
2.To determine the spatial and temporal changes in LULC in selected port cities and attribute changes to socio-environmental drivers.
3. To develop and apply an integrated spatial development framework that can inform both current and future coastal planning and management policy options through simulated development scenarios in the WIO region.

C. Expected Results
D. Project Activities

i) Desktop study conducted for each port by the country representatives in the research group (each country rep, then SA with put it together).
ii) Interview planners in local government and the developers. Assess disaster risk for all areas where changes occurred (Each country rep).
iii) Satellite Data acquisition, processing and analysis In the 3 key port cities where land- use/cover change (after change detection analysis) was greatest with big planning and livelihood implications, we will conduct focus group discussions, I will be in all the discussions please).
iv) Spatial Plan framework development Decision Support system design and development.

E. Publications
F. Students Supported by the Project
G. For more information, either visit or contact:

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