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WIOMPAN Regional Knowledge Exchange Workshop Report

WIOMPAN Regional Knowledge Exchange Workshop Report

Explore the insights derived from the inaugural Western Indian Ocean Marine Protected Area Network (WIOMPAN) Regional Workshop, detailed in this workshop report. Conducted in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, from November 1st to 4th, 2023, the report distills discussions and strategies deployed by 80 participants from ten Nairobi Convention countries.

The workshop report outlines the priority domains to increase management effectiveness of  Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and Community Managed Areas (CMAs), including —Equipment and Infrastructure, Capacity and Training, Operations, Stakeholders and Partners, and Planning and Higher-level processes. This report unfolds a roadmap for fortifying management effectiveness within the Western Indian Ocean region.

Benefit from the expert perspectives of organizations such as the Minderoo Foundation, the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwAM), Foundation of Success (FOS Europe), and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) unraveling methodologies to augment design, planning, and adaptive management.

Witness the commitment to global standards, exemplified by sites from Comoros, Kenya, Mozambique, Seychelles, and Tanzania, as they embark on the transformative journey towards sustainability.

Beyond proposing solutions to identified challenges, the report includes formal requests to the Nairobi Convention for implementing the Kunming-Montreal Biodiversity Framework in the Western Indian Ocean. As WIOMPAN and its collaborators chart a course for the future, this publication serves as a scholarly compendium fostering collaborative and impactful marine conservation practices.

Access the complete workshop report to contribute to the collective endeavor of shaping a resilient and sustainable future for marine conservation in the Western Indian Ocean.

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