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All about turtles. An education and awareness manual

All about turtles. An education and awareness manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide information, procedures and guidance for sea turtle conservation activities in Kenya. Awareness and education activities described in the manual should be carried out in collaboration with government agencies mandated to manage and protect the marine sea turtles.

This manual shall give you insights about sea turtles and an opportunity to work with turtle experts and will allow you to get involved in turtle conservation activities with confidence. This manual was prepared out of the understanding that education and awareness programs are critical in enhancing change of peoples’ attitude thereby giving rise to a collaborative conservation and management regime. They also enlighten the different target groups on the value and rate of exploitation of their own natural heritage. Information in this manual can be used to carry out education and awareness to school students, the local communities including fishermen, organized groups like the women groups and youth groups as well hotel staff and guests. This is the second edition of the education manual to be produced by KESCOM and as usual, we encourage you to propose any ideas you think may contribute to improving its usefulness in enhancing turtle conservation in Kenya. An evaluation form is found at the back of the manual. Please complete and return it to us with your ideas.

The manual is organized into three main sections. The introduction describes sea turtle conservation in Kenya through KESCOM’s initiatives. In section one, a general description of sea turtles, their interaction with humans, reproduction and national legislation are discussed. Section two provides a general guideline for undertaking sea turtle conservation to a wide variety of audience while section three summarizes the status of sea turtle conservation in Kenya. It is our hope that the information provided can be modified to suit a variety of audience.


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