Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association

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Dr. Arthur Tuda

Executive Director


Dr Arthur Tuda assumed office as Executive Secretary of WIOMSA in February 2020. He brings over 20 years of marine and coastal experience to WIOMSA when ocean solutions that benefit people, nature, and the economy are becoming more urgent. In this role, Arthur will provide leadership for WIOMSA’s current programmes (research support, capacity development, knowledge management) and shaping WIOMSA’s vision for the future.

Before joining WIOMSA, Arthur served in several roles, including head of ecosystems and landscapes at Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). He also worked as the assistant director leading Kenya’s coastal conservation planning and operations for the KWS.

Arthur has a regional reputation as a leader in the science and management of marine protected areas, with expertise in integrated marine conservation planning and management. He has built several successful partnerships and achievements for marine conservation in the western Indian Ocean (WIO) region, including developing a vibrant social MPA network and improving the use of science in the adaptive management of MPAs in the WIO region.

Arthur exemplifies ocean management and conservation leadership with a career spanning many disciplines, including fisheries, coastal management, maritime spatial planning, ocean governance, and strategy.

Arthur’s academic qualification includes BSc Fisheries, MSc Water and Coastal Management, PhD Marine and Coastal Management.