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Africa’s Mister Mangroves

By Wanjohi Kabukuru

[Chale Peninsula, Kenya] On a general talk, it appears as if the Gazi project was initiated a few years ago. However after spending a few days in this rural outpost is when one realises that the project is a culmination of years of determined study and quiet determination by a quiet researcher who decided to make a difference.

“Knowledge is a good thing but it is better when it is shared and changes lives for the better.” Josphat Mwamba says. “Gazi rose to international prominence because someone decided to open his knowledge from the library to the world. And that man is not shy to walk in the muddy terrain along mangroves.”

And so begins a story that thrust Gazi to the global map.

Ali Shuffa picks from where Mwamba leaves and points me to right direction. The story can be traced back to one idealistic scientist Dr James Kairo. “Dr Kairo came here over 20 years ago to study mangroves.” Shuffa says. “He stayed and never left.”

Kairu recalls how he fell in love with mangroves some 27 years ago.

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