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WIOMSA is a publisher of the Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Sciences and the WIOMSA Book Series. WIO Journal of Marine Science was established in 2002, is published twice a year both in print and online format. It attracts contributions from prominent scientists from within and outside the region. Since 2006, it has been listed in the Institute of for Scientific Information (ISI) database, an indication of the quality of papers it publishes. Through, its Book Series, WIOMSA publishes books on topical issues.

Further, through its competitive research grant program, grants are provided to support publication of books and manuals. Some of the books that have been published through this mechanism are Poissons de l’océan Indien et de la mer Rouge, Whales and Dolphins; and A Field Guide to Marine Mammals of East Africa – Third Edition.

A number of practitioner/management-relevant guides have been produced in collaboration with partners. These include: Managing Marine Protected Areas. A Toolkit for the Western Indian Ocean (with IUCN); Producing Half-Pearls (Mabe) (University of Hawaii Hilo&CRC/URI); A Guide to milkfish farming in the WIO region (with CRC/URI) and A School Teacher’s Guide to Marine Environmental Education in the Western Indian Ocean Region (with UNEP and WWF).

Also WIOMSA, in collaboration with its partners, has coordinated the production of Special Issues of journals such as Ambio (2002, Vol. XXXI, No 7-8); Ocean and Coastal Management (2004, Vol. 47, No 7-8; 2006, Vol. 49, No 11& 2010, Vol. 53 No 4); Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science (2005, Vol. 63, No 3 & 2009, Vol 83, No 3); and Aquatic Conservation (2009, Vol. 19 Issue S1).

Popular Publications

WIOMSA’s popular publications aim to provide an avenue for publishing different types of articles on the coastal and marine environment from the countries of the Western Indian Ocean region. The contributors to these publications are not only marine scientists but also other stakeholders in the marine and coastal environment who write to share their well researched stories, views and thinking. These publications include:

  • Policy Briefs. WIOMSA supports productions of policy briefs with policy and management recommendations from findings of the MASMA-funded projects. The briefs are mainly targeting decision-makers and general public.
  • WIOMSA News brief. A quarterly production that features news and activities of the Association and its members, including research activities, events and forthcoming opportunities.
  • The WIOMSA Magazine. Launched in 2007, the magazine covers topical stories, exciting features, thought-provoking opinion pieces and stunning pictures of the coastal and marine environment of the WIO region, using popular language and a fresh and colourful presentation. It targets the general public, decision-makers, academics and students. Articles are written by professional journalists and scientists. Advertisement space is on offer at very competitive rates.
  • WIOMSA Annual Report. Produced in print and online, the WIOMSA Annual report summaries the Association’s accomplishments for the year in terms of research, capacity building, and communication and extension activities.
  • Electronic media. In addition to maintaining a website and blog, WIOMSA has interactive CD-ROMs on “A Training Manual for MPA Managers” and “Managing Marine Protected Areas-A Toolkit for the Western Indian Ocean” and DVDs on “Beaches Under Siege – A story of beaches in Kenya”. This was aired on national television in Kenya. A DVD on “Sea-Cucumber: an unknown resource” was produced in 2007 in collaboration with the Multi Media centre at the University of La Réunion.
  • Other materials. High quality awareness materials such as calendars, brochures, flyers, and beach wraps (Khangas) have been produced. Calendars and wraps (Khangas) are on sale at affordable prices to raise money for the Association.