Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association

Research Partners

The cities and coasts project is building partnerships with the relevant stakeholders in the cities within the WIO region. The focus is on strengthening research and management capacity of different stakeholders such as local authorities, city planners, policy makers from central government, academics, the private sector, civil society and citizens to address the complex challenges facing coastal cities in the WIO region, to improve broader planning of coastal cities, as well as identifying opportunities offered by coastal cities for advancing sustainable development.

In these partnerships, capacity development is addressed in a holistic manner through: research grants, grants for the organization of training courses; workshops and writing workshops; organization of regional workshops aiming at building capacity for coastal city management and organization of capacity for impact workshops among others. The listed members are part of the WIOMSA cities and coasts partnerships and are constantly enhanced for the management of coastal cities, responses to SDG 11 on cities and communities and the new urban agenda