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Dr. Max Troell

Sustainable Seafood Program, Beijer Institute, Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Swedish International Biodiversity Programme (Swedbio).


Program director of the Sustainable Seafood Program at Beijer Institute, senior researcher at Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Swedish International Biodiversity Programme (Swedbio).

A system and marine ecologist working with a broad range of sustainability and governance issues related to seafood and marine systems. Vast experience from a diversity of aquaculture systems and coastal and marine ecosystems and addressing sustainable seafood utilization out from a broader social-ecological perspective – embracing both equity and poverty aspects. Research involve a trans-disciplinary perspective on sustainable use of marine resources with impacts on marine conservation policies and aquaculture practices of today. A pioneer in contributing to global development of integrated aquaculture techniques and instrumental in FAOs work on the Ecosystem Approach to Aquaculture (EAA).

Advisor for a number of organizations and committees and has established strong links with a wide range of academic and non-academic organizations around the world. Recent work addresses the global food portfolio and the role seafood can play.