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Marcelina Mushi

Country Coordinator (Tanzania)


Marcelina Felix Mushi is lady with BSc. in Aquatic Sciences and Environmental Science Conservation and a masters graduate in Marine Sciences from the Institute of Marine Sciences, University of Dar es Salaam. She calls herself a young Interdisciplinary scientist who has gained knowledge from different perspectives through being involved in different research disciplines such as oceanography ,e.g. she has taken part in the South Africa cruise though IIOE-2; the Nansen programme; participation in SOLSTICE project activities; She has conducted social science research titled: Social Values and Traditional Governance of Mangrove forests in Moa and Mahandakini Communities of Tanga, Tanzania, and she is currently working on a Seagrass Protect MASMA Project as proposed PhD student waiting for admission. She is the Country Coordinator for Tanzania within the Western Indian Ocean- early Career Scientist Network (WIO-ECSN). As the coordinator she promotes coastal and ocean related opportunities to her members so as to accelerate capacity building and builds networks which has been noticed as essential ways of promoting new knowledge and development initiatives for early career scientists looking for capacity building opportunities. As a young Scientist she is looking forward to working with different stakeholders to build and strengthen her capacity In coastal and marine science disciplines. Heartfully, her happiness is to see more women involved in and getting equal opportunities when engaging in marine and coastal research activities. She looking forward seeing opportunities in coastal and marine research issues being filled by early career scientists through networking and capacity building. Her passion is communicating scientific knowledge to local communities,

especially oceanographic and coastal outputs. As a woman she is proud to of work within the marine

and coastal environment – “Any woman out there please join me so as to increase the number of

women in Marine sciences”.