Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association

Célia Macamo

Eduardo Mondlane University


Célia Macamo has been relected as the Country Coordinator for Mozambique. She is a lecturer and researcher at the Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique. She has several interests in marine biology matters, but her main focus is in mangrove forests ecology, management, conservation and carbon stocks. She has been involved in many international, regional and national research projects focusing on the  impact of climate changes on mangrove forests and mangroves resilience to climate change; the contribution of mangroves to communities wellbeing and mangrove management system in Mozambique, including community-based management models. She is a member of the WIO-Mangrove Network.

Célia counts the steady increase of Mozambican participants in the last two WIOMSA Symposia as well as the recruitment of two institutional members from Mozambique as some of her accomplishments in her first term in office. In addition, more Mozambicans are applying for the opportunities offered by WIOMSA. However, she notes, there are still several challenges to overcome such as increasing the number of individual and institutional members, strengthening the Mozambican scientific community in the field of marine sciences to become more active and overcoming the language barrier, issues she will address in her current mandate.