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Latest WIOMSA Newsbrief Published

The September edition of the quarterly WIOMSA Newsbrief is out. The issue features regional news, articles from WIOMSA’s MARG Grantees and stories from newly minted PhDs.  The articles include:

  • Managing Non-Academic Impact of Research: Capacity Building for Impact Training held in Mombasa.
  • WIOFish Revamped
  • Training on Scientific Cruise Planning, Oceanographic Sampling, Fisheries and Data Management.
  • MARG Grant: Assessing the vulnerability to future environmental conditions and population structure of the seagrass, Zostera capensis.
  • MARG Grant: Fish, Genes & Genomes: Contributions to Ecology, Evolution & Management, the Annual Symposium of the Fisheries Societies of the British Isles, Bangor, Wales, UK.
  • PhD Thesis: Resilience of Mangroves in the face of Climate change: A Focus on the Impacts of Large Sedimentation Events.
  • PhD Thesis: The Potential of Community Based Coral Aquaculture in Madagascar
  • The InteGRADE Workshop
  • Strategic Adaptive Management Program (SAM) launched in Seychelles.
  • Progress with the proposed marine and coastal Transboundary Conservation Area (TBCA) between Kenya and Tanzania
  • New WIOMSA Publications

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