Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association

Funded projects

  1. Building a knowledge base

The following funded projects are ongoing as part of the cities and coasts initiative

No. Title Participating institutions Gender of PIs Approved budget (USD)
Research projects (2018)
1. Smart and sustainable transitioning for coastal cities in the face of global environmental change: Prototyping transdisciplinary networks for peer-to-peer learning for Mombasa (Kenya) and eThekwini/Durban (South Africa) (Smart cities) Coastal and Marine Resource Development (COMRED); County Government of Mombasa- Kenya; eThekwini Municipality/Durban- S. Africa; University of Witwatersrand- S. Africa; Macquarie University –Australia; and Kenya Marine and Fisheries Institute- Kenya M 330 000
2. Cities and Climate Change in Coastal Western Indian Ocean A Grand Challenge (CICLICO) Nelson Mandela University and German Climate Service Center (GERICS) F 329 293

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The Smart cities project comprised of a consortium of several organisations from Mombasa, Kenya and Durban, South Africa and is aimed at developing empirical evidence under-pinning the process of building capacity and prototyping smart and sustainable outcomes through the process of peer-to-peer learning between cities. Whilst this is a research project seeking to better understand governance and implementation challenges in African coastal cities through a climate change lens, the project is built around a set of practical outcomes that complement existing activities in the two partner cities. The focal city is the County Government of Mombasa (CGM), Kenya which has developed a number of remediation projects responding to service delivery and development-related challenges within the water and sanitation, waste and environment sectors.

Among other major activities, the project will engage in a series of trans-disciplinary learning exchanges between Mombasa and Durban’s eThekwini Municipality. EThekwini Municipality has a global reputation in using Community Ecosystem Based Adaptation approaches and has taken the lead in addressing solid waste, water and sanitation, energy and transport issues. (there are photos and videos of the launch of this event, sent to Mainah)

The second project, CICLICO in short, consists of researchers from the Nelson Mandela University in South Africa and GERICS in Germany and aims to explore and plan, with decision-makers and society in the city of Port Elizabeth, how diverse and often uncoordinated objectives of coastal and marine planning can be implemented to enable better adaptation to climate change in vulnerable coastal cities of the WIO through the use of climate services for city planning tools. The specific research objectives of the project are to: 1) undertake participatory mapping of the coastal and marine planning systems of the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality in Algoa Bay; 2) build a system dynamics model consisting of the key causalities of managing coastal and marine space in a changing climate; and, 3) cocreate climate services using system dynamic models as proof of concept. This will result in an understanding of the use of area-based management approaches, governance perspectives, environmental assets and stakeholder conflicts in light of climate change. The medium-sized coastal city of Port Elizabeth in the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality on the shores of Algoa Bay, South Africa, will be explored as a case study for this project.

Approved projects in 2019 but still in the inception stages (Not sure whether to include, we can consult-Further details will be provided after the consultation)

No. Title Participating institutions Gender of PIs Approved budget (USD)
Research projects (2019)
1. Impacts of large-scale infrastructure developments on coastal biodiversity: A case of LAPSSET infrastructure project in Lamu WWF Kenya, National Environmental Management authority Kenya (NEMA), LAPPSET corridor development authority. M Ongoing
2. Building Climate Change Resilient Coastal Cities through Anticipatory Integrated Land Use Planning Ardhi University and Tanga City Council. M Ongoing

Training proposals approved

No. Title Participating institutions Gender of PIs Approved budget (USD)
Research projects (2019)
1. Proposed Train the Trainer Course: Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Training for Coastal Cities in Mozambique. ICLEI Africa F Ongoing