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Local and community Integrated Coastal Zone Management – Experiences from Eastern Africa March, 1998

The Regional Workshop on Experiences in Local and Community Intergrated Coastal Zone Management: Lessons to date organized by SEACAM and WIOMSA and held in Zanzibar, 4-7 March, 1998 is therefore […]
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Local Management of Marine Resources: A Guide for Communities in Kenya and Mainland Tanzania

This guide available in both English and Kiswahili, has been designed to provide guidance to community members and resource users who wish to manage their own natural resources by developing […]
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Locally managed fisheries in the Western Indian Ocean : a review of past and present initiatives

This report served as a background situation analysis for the project “Designing a Regional Network for Western Indian Ocean Local Fisheries Management to Build Community Capacity and Governance Frameworks”, funded […]
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Managing Marine Protected Areas – A TOOLKIT for the Western Indian Ocean

The Toolkit aims to act as a first point of call in the search for information on issues that MPA managers and practitioners face in day-to-day operations. This first Edition […]
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Mangroves of the Western Indian Ocean: Status and Management

The WIO mangroves cover about 1 million ha, which is just about 5% of the global mangrove coverage. Almost 90% of these mangroves are found in four countries, namely Mozambique, […]
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Mariculture in the WIO region – Challenges and Prospects. WIOMSA Book Series No 11

The IFS/WIOMSA aquaculture workshop/training course was held 30 November-3 December 2009 in Zanzibar. The 30 participants originated from 17 countries, including countries within the WIO region, and from Europe, USA, […]
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Marine Litter in the Eastern Africa Region: An Overview Assessment

Marine litter is becoming a significant contributor to marine pollution in the Western Indian Ocean. The litter comes in myriad forms, and from a diversity of sources. It includes waste […]
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Marine Plastic Litter in the WIO Region: Status, implications on the environment, human populations and effectiveness of measures and opportunities. A Synthesis Report

In 2020, the Nairobi Convention and WIOMSA through the Group of Experts on Marine Litter and Microplastics commissioned three inter-related regional assessments on the status of marine litter and microplastics; […]
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Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in relation to Fisheries Management: Challenges and Experiences from Developing Countries

A seminar was held on 24th-25th October 2006 on board the Norwegian coastal steamer “Trollfjord” while sailing from Trondheim to Bergen. The topic was “Marine Protected Areas (MPA) – a […]
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Marine Science Development in Tanzania and Eastern Africa : Proceedings of the 20th Anniversary Conference on Advances in Marine Science in Tanzania, 28 June-1 July 1999, Zanzibar, Tanzania – WIOMSA Book Series No 1

The conference on ‘Advances in Marine Sciences in Tanzania’, on which this proceedings is based, was organized in Zanzibat, Tanzania from 28 June – 1 July, 1999. It was organised […]
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