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Enhancing Science-to-Policy Uptake in the Western Indian Ocean Region. Background Document and Guidelines on Effective Science to Policy Interaction

The report provides an overview of current thinking on the science-to-policy interface, including a brief overview of relevant theory and a discussion of the policy cycle as a key framing […]
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Enhancing Science-to-Policy Uptake in the Western Indian Ocean Region. Quick Guide

This document seeks to provide a brief guide for enhanced policy impact to researchers working in the area of ocean governance. The document is based on the report, Enhancing Science-to-Policy […]
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Environmental Management Systems – Best Practices – Implementation Manual

The survival of the tourism industry in the long term requires that all concerned (hoteliers, private sector, Institutions, NGOs, Authorities, Operators in the Tourism & Hospitality, the public and coastal […]
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Exercises in Marine Biodiversity and Ecology: A Training Manual using the Intertidal Habitats of the WIO region

The manual has been co-authored by Jose Paula (University of Lisbon); Salomao Bandeira (University of Eduardo Mondlane); Daudi Msangameno (University of Dar es Salaam) and Henrique Queiroga (University of Aveiro). Deriving its […]
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Experiences Of Periodic Closures In Small-scale Invertebrate Fisheries

Periodic closures, which are also known as temporary, short-term, rotational, periodically harvested, or non-permanent closures, temporarily ban the harvesting of marine resources in specific areas (Cohen and Foale, 2013). Use of […]
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Field Identification Guide to the Living Marine Resources of Kenya

This field guide covers the major resource groups likely to be encountered in the fisheries of Kenya. This includes shrimps, lobsters, crabs, bivalves, gastropods, cephalopods, sea cucumbers, sharks, batoid fishes, […]
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Fishers´ migration along the Kenyan coast Implications for management of coastal fisheries

This policy brief has been developed following a regional research project designed to compile data on fishers’ movements, the drivers behind these movements and the impacts on host communities. The […]
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Global markets and local livelihoods of coastal communities in Kenya Implications for sustainable management

The inshore coral reef fisheries are considered overexploited but marine fish production may still be sustained if fishing effort is directed to exploit the deep sea pelagic fisheries that have […]
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Guidelines for Seagrass Ecosystem Restoration in the Western Indian Ocean Region

Although governments acknowledge the importance of seagrass, restoration efforts have not kept pace with increasing degradation of this vital habitat. The new Guidelines on Seagrass Ecosystem Restoration for the Western Indian […]
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Guidelines for the Assessment of Environmental Flows in the Western Indian Ocean Region

For many communities living in the Western Indian Ocean region, rivers are an essential resource for food, employment, and energy. A new publication, Guidelines for the Assessment of Environmental Flows in […]
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